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We help brands, organizations, and campaigns create strategies that speak to Millennials & Gen Z.

Defiant Strategies is a next-generation political communications and social impact strategy group. At Defiant, we “get" Millennials and Gen Z—how they think about our society and their place in it.  We’re passionate about helping brands and organizations communicate their impact to the young Americans who are driving culture, media, and politics. 

When it comes to communicating with Millennials & Gen Z, social impact faces steep competition from entertainment, marketing, and the mainstream media. In order to survive, organizations and social impact initiatives need to meet that challenge head-on by leveraging media and communications that mirror what young people are used to seeing from brands and media companies.

Defiant works with progressive organizations, startups, and candidates on communications, public relations, and youth engagement across a range of issues—including gun violence prevention, voting rights, political data & technology, net neutrality, DACA, and mass incarceration.

Whether you’re looking to launch an out-of-the box campaign or build a new program that invests in young communities, we can help you understand how digital natives think and build a strategy that yields positive, measurable change. 

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The Future of CSR

From mass incarceration to immigration and the opioid epidemic, Millennials and Gen Z consumers are on the lookout for brands that take a stand on the issues that will define the future of our country and our world. 

We help companies create measurable, actionable strategy and initiatives that ground their brand in the fight for a more just and equal world. In the process, they form deep emotional bonds with consumers. 

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Next-Gen Nonprofits

Now more than ever, nonprofits need to focus on communicating their impact to Millennials and Gen Z, the impact-focused generations who are stepping up to the challenge of creating new social movements.

We bring fresh perspective and critical bandwidth to nonprofits and institutions with the goal of inspiring innovation, creating programming for digital natives, and building support from new generations.


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The Defiant Network

Defiant’s donates a portion of it's profits to Defiant Network, a nonprofit organization that empowers the next generation of civc leaders. 

The network is diverse, intersectional, and authentic—every member our community works on the front lines of social change. They work across the spectrum of social issues, from the environment and mass incarceration to the opioid epidemic. 

Through Defiant Network, we've built a national community of civic influencers who collaborate on our impact work. 

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